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-2° Clear Feels Like: -17°

Today I did not go for a walk. Blue clear skies and very cold! Yikes.

I did step on the scale today and weighed 186.6. Not bad as I had a couple slips during New Year celebrations. I am back on track but obsessing over weight, over how to keep going in the dead of winter. So, I dropped by my local YMCA ’cause I heard them advertise a program, The Biggest Loser!

Whoot Whoot! I am already motivated by watching the Biggest Loser on NBC. I pay x-tra careful attention to my food intake on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as I weigh in, too! If the scale has not budged I grow pretty depressed with myself. Of course, I do not pull the numbers they do on the show. I am pleased if I have maintained or show a modest 1-2 pound loss.

The program at the YMCA runs from January 19- April 13. It would definitely get me through the dead of winter. The program includes guided exercise and nutrition programs. It also includes three 4-week personal training programs, phone calls during the week, motivational emails, and continuous support.

Problem/Challenges–I work on Monday nights. Praying my boss can jiggle the schedule. Finances. I need to apply for scholarship assistance or trim my monthly budget to make this happen.

Rewards–Weight loss. Steam Room and hot tub. Making friends who have a a common goal. A stronger back to handle my job better. Socialization to beat my winter blahs and Seasonal Disorder. Exercise. The excuse to buy new clothes as I lose weight.

For a blog-post on Confidence and Seasonal Affective Disorder visit, A Winter Journal:  Notes from the Upper Peninsula

  1. cindiaugustine
    January 10, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    Such a constant struggle. I’ve been doing really well with a very slow but steady weight loss for almost 3 years and then I went back to college this year and before I knew it I had begun to creep up a bit. Arrrgggh!! School makes it hard to eat healthy as you’re on the run and craving carbs and sugar to get by!

    My best thoughts are with you on this program. Good luck!!

    ps: love the photos!

  2. cindiaugustine
    January 10, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    Sorry, forgot to include my URL:

  3. January 11, 2009 at 7:40 am

    Hey Cindi–thanks for dropping by I will check out your blog soon. I have to run out for an early shift today so I only have a moment.

    One way I beat the cravings is I do have two packets of instant oatmeal or whole grain hot cereal with brwn. sugar on top. This gives me my sweet and my carb before I walk out the door.

    I pack almonds, 100 cal snacks, and you might have luck with dried fruit. it travels well in a backpack or messenger bag and if you love mango or papya it will give you a zippy healthy feel.

    I usualy do a cheese stick and nuts around 2 0r 3 p.m. or if I feel i must indulge I get a non-fat Latte.


  4. cindiaugustine
    January 12, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    Those are yummy suggestions, it really is the protein that helps curb the hunger so nuts and cheese are a great help. Dried fruit is a good idea too, I’ve forgotten about that. Thanks.


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