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Coffee Can Inspires in Early Morning

This morning I woke early and made coffee. I opened the can and the rich aroma and beautiful grounds inspired me to proclaim what a wonderful rich country we live in. I was happy. I had woke before Mike as the plan was for me to ride share with him. We would drop my car down the hill first. You see, my coolant-light keeps coming on, my service-engine-soon-light started flashing. I thought stuck thermometer.

I was wrong. Blown head gasket.

1500 hundred dollars.

Angst. Shock. Awful dread.

I have so many plans to start off the new year. The night before I ran my budget and it is tight, too tight. I was trying to see where the abundance was going to come for me to join the Biggest Loser at the YMCA. I was trying to see how to pay down my debt. I was trying to see how I could upgrade my equipment. I was already feeling nervous. But I have a plan.

Part of that plan is a group of friends will be reading “The Wealthy Spirit “by Chellie Campbell. Many of my actions in ths new year are to center on Abundance of  spirit, health and wealth.

Today I felt tested. My toe is twice the size it ought to be–kinda makes foot power difficult. It also makes this whole weight loss and fitness thing difficult. Remember I also have an upper body issue from a car accident. I was already looking for pennies and nickels. Then the car.

It was a rough day.

But I have taken part in abundance groups before. I have seen the power of affirmations and goals come to fruition.

My toe, which I broke 5-years ago will get calmer. I will lose weight.

I can cut my spending and increase my earnings.

My car will get fixed, too.

I will learn to save money for a rainy day–well actually learn to double my efforts–I am already a saver with reserves to support my life…kind of.

Maybe I am being tested. But tomorrow I will have a can of coffee in my hands again. The aroma will greet me. I will head into my day with confidence and hope.

(At my weigh-in this morning I was 185.2 lbs. Another new low.)

  1. January 7, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    Hi, Dolphin Kim!

    Thanks so much for your lovely post (google alerts sent me a notice about it). I am delighted you have been enjoying my book, “The Wealthy Spirit” and are reading it with a group of friends, too. That’s a great idea. I will be happy to send you all the link so you can sign up to receive each page of the book as a daily inspirational email. Just email me at chellie@chellie.com and I’ll forward it to you.

    Wishing you smooth seas, sunny skies, and ships sailing for your dock loaded with treasures. Have a Happy New Year!

    Love and blessings,

  2. January 8, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    I like that you are not letting the small stuff get in your way. Staying positive and focusing on your goals is important. You have inspired me to get back on my losing weight goal. Thank you and hang in there baby 🙂

  3. January 8, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Gosh I miss my car! And despite the financial output that delays lots of things like my computer upgrade, I have taken the bus to the YMCA. I am all signed up for a membership, and enrolled in the Biggest Loser program which starts the day after my birthday!!

    I qualified for a partial scholarship at the Y which eally helped a lot!

    I will be 45 on Janaury 18!

    Trina, thanks for the encouragement! Even if we do not lose weight or hit some ultimate goal, making the time for ourselves, slowing down some areas of our life to gain beter health–it’s all good!

    Wow, I am using way too many exclaimation points today.

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