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Super Bowl Sunday & My Week In Review

Dry Dock, photo copyright Kim Nixon

My Super Bowl Sunday rarely circles around football. Instead, it was a photo-shoot in the morning, yoga in the evening, preparing salads for the coming week, and finalizing a freelance job or two.

I worked out four times last week. It should have been more, though, as my weight actually climbed for a couple days. I have been eating 1200-1600 calories each day and tracking my nutrition and progress at sparkpeople.com. Tomorrow I have a weigh-in (my first) at the YMCA for the Biggest Loser program. So today I ate salads with chicken breast and low-cal yogurt and cereals. My weigh-ins are in the mornings and I am worried about the Y weigh-in at 6pm, which followed by a work-out means I have to eat well enough to have energy, but lite enough to show decent progress. I started at the YMCA I was 184lbs. My lowest weight in the last 3 weeks has been 180.2. Drat, the last three days have had my weight higher by 2-3 lbs!

Despite the weight fluctuation I am wearing a size 16 jean, needing a belt! Size 14 here I come. Mike took a good photo of me out on the ice today. I noticed I am standing straighter and I have less belly in front. I will bug him to get me a copy so I can post it.

When I was on the treadmill Wednesday, I was able to break into a 4.3 mph jog three times during my 25 minutes. I did not need my inhaler. My first mile was a 15 minute mile. I was at a 3-6% incline during the whole workout. The new running shoes are awesome and my big toe did not even swell (much). Each night I massage arnica into my toe and ice or heat it. I am being as kind as possible to my great toe.

This past week marked our second meeting of our Wealthy Spirit group. I commited to working on my Artist in Residence application(s) and asked for accountability from the group for our next meeting on the 18th of February.

I also submitted two Creative Inspiration columns to my publisher at Health and Happiness. Both were abundace realted.

This week also marked my status change with Bay Human Services–I am now officially full-time and my BCBS insurance bennies will go active on May 1, 2009.

I transferred money from an MMA account that had fallen to less than 1/2 percent to my savings and will get it snuggled into a good CD at 2-3 percent, instead.

I am using affirmations from Chellie’s book and a couple I have developed as well. Due to the job market one of the affirmations I have devised is: My ship has come into the Lower Harbor and it is loaded with treasures for the whole community!

All said, it was a very abundant week.

Please check-out A Winter Journal for some of the digital captures taken today!

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