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Braced for Trenary

Trenary, Not Mexico, photo copyright Kim Nixon

We think of being braced in many ways–bracing for a shock, bracing winds, knee braced. A quick stop at Shopko for a much necessary knee-brace had me preparing for a good time in Trenary. Where things might  seem a bit odd on the Last Saturday in February, when the Outhouse Races are run–I was braced against cold with clothing–Braced against pain with meds and knee support.

Trenary, Rooftop, photo copyright Kim Nixon

I was not braced against the sights and how images would pop in the wonderful sunshine and temps. This is the weather my camera loves. This is the time I like to have.

Trenary, Mill Rafters, photo copyright Kim Nixon

But I had to stay off snowbanks and uneven ground. I had to be careful!  But I still got awesome shots. And this town is worth visiting for its spirit, tenacity, and the ability to throw a good party.

Trenary, Tenacity, photo copyright Kim Nixon

I love my “town” shots. I will be publishing more. Then there are “outhouse” shots at A Winter Journal.

Trenary to Traunik, photo copyright Kim Nixon

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