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Not So Random Thoughts on Deprivation

So I was thinking of Lent, what to sacrifice. I am not a practicing Catholic but I still take part in many of the traditions. I was raised in a very devout Catholic family. We, my cousins and I, struggled with the childhood decision of what to give up for Lent. What could you give up for a short time. What was doable. What would be difficult but allow you to be successful. What could you live with or without. It taught us a very good lesson. We learned to be strong and endure hardships. We learned that life deprived of fond things is still life. These are lessons brought into adulthood.

For Lent I am giving up 100 calorie snack packs. It isn’t much per se, but I am already depriving myself of many tings in my fitness and weight loss pursuits.

I am down to 176.2 on my scale at home.

I am working around a toe injury, a thoracic outlet injury, a sore hip, and now my right knee feels fuzzy and the knee-cap is sticky. So today and for the rest of the weekendI am being deprived of some movement. I must allow myself not to panic to breathe and relax to be much stiller than I want.

If this is my injured path–how will I succeed. What movements can add to my weight loss goal. What can I further restrict.

I was sooooo happy to be running and had taken a 14 minute mile down to the 12 minute zone. I was not using and inhaler. I won’t panic though. I believe I will heal. I believe I will still be able to run a 5k in April.

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