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Hovering–Between the YMCA Scale and Mine (174.2-175.8 lb.)

When taking part in a weight loss program it is good to remember your upcoming weigh-ins and not to go out to eat twice the week before. This led to some panic for me and I limited my food over one day (in interesting ways over the course of a day) in order to ge an okay result. Yesterday, I stepped on the Y scale at 6pm at a weight of 175.0 (no change from two-weeks before).

The home scale weighs me heavier than the Y by about a pound and a half. So this morn. I am 175.8. My low since this adventure began is 174.2. Let me tell yu what a joyous day that was! I was past this 175 pound miracle milestone. Yet, I had not idea it was a milestone until I was under it. Somehow at under 175 I felt skinny (smile, giggle).

I was very disappointed by an injury over the last couple weeks. Tendinitis type issues with bursitis in my right knee and iliotibial band syndrome which is common in runners who up their mileage too fast. Or with me, add in some job strain, tripping over something, and the fact that I have inflammatory issues from time to time. It all resulted in a week and a half out of the gym. I should be overjoyed with maintenance with the weight. It wasn’t easy to rationalize or even be logical though.

What helped was viewing some of my old posts. Like last year when I hung my first show and the weight and sight of my big buddha belly pushing out of a form fitting white sirt (oh what was I thinking in wearing THAT top!).

Body awareness if odd, now. I do not know myself right now. I will catch a glimpse and o who is that. Or I will get super-critical of ow weight is coming off in one area and not another. I marvel at who lies underneath the weight. As my overall health improves, like not needing my inhaler, more energy, I think miracles are possible. I am getting back into energy healing.

I used to practice reiki, la-ho-chi and massage. I am remembering, reconnecting with that Yoda type energy that is available to all of us. When I had chronic fatigue years ago it helped to visualize myself as an Etch-a-Sketch and letting pain and dis-ease filter from my body like the lines on an Etch-a-Sketch screen being shaken and erased.

Due to my past health issues, and the new challenges I am putting my body thru, night time is often like being in a “training room” muscle massage, heat wraps, cold packs, supplements clutter the coffee table as I address inflammation and nurse myself. I am also using visits to a chiropractor (Doc Craig Thomas) and my massage therapist (Erik Winkelmann).

Slowly, things improve. Sometimes there are setbacks. There are victories.

  1. March 11, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    My best friend has lost just shy of 200 lbs in the last 2 yrs. No type of surgical intervention, She just ate right and hit the gym 6 times a week w/ a trainer. she goes to MKPT now Motions actually she was in their commercials too ( Pam Neaves ) It’s amazing how much losing any amount of weight can change your perception of how you see yourself.
    Last winter I was a faithful YMCA Gym Rat and lost a total of about 55 lbs. This winter I didn’t have the ability to go as much as I would have liked to ( I had foot surgery in Dec. and the motivation lately now that I am finally healed is just not there) Anyway, I Just wanted to say I am proud of you !

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