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Another Presque Isle Run


I’ll write a book, “How I Lost 45 at 45.” I am that close, now. I have lost over 42 pounds and running is a normal part of my life. I crave running. I still do walk-to-runs but I am under 12-minute miles now.

Today was gray, the temps dropping, thunder clouds building. There was a headwind and a sidewind on the isle. I ran past a flock of geese–two hissed and chased me. I ran past three deer feeding o the lush grasses just off the bogwalk and behind Shiras Pool. One young buck had six-points all velvet and soft looking. None of the deer thru up their white-tails; they just grazed on lazily.

As I got to my car the radio announced it was 50 degrees. The rain drops that fell on the run were fat drops, heavy, but not frequent enough to soak my shirt. My cool down walk was with camera.

I clocked my new route with the car today. I ran off-island and up to the little pond by the power plant. It adds a little more than and extra mile to the 2-mile loop. I intended to do my usual 2 times around the island and the new addition for a total of 5 miles. But after 3+ miles I had noting left to give. It is Friday, afterall, and Mike had been out of town two-nights. I’ve had little sleep. Tomorrow I will recover and do at least 4 miles on Sunday.

The Photos are from my cool-down walk. The second photo is a post-process action in Virtual Photographer (ambiance).


  1. August 29, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    Congratulations on the weight loss Kim! So proud of you. I am loving the new site design and am excited you are opening an etsy shop. If you need any tips or help with etsy please don’t hesitate to ask. I am no expert, but have learned a bit over the past 3 years.

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