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Running Marquette?

Why did I start this blog? Mostly ’cause I’ve so much to learn as a runner. My first year as a runner and I am 45 years old. My plan is to run as well into winter as I can. Running came to me when other exercise complicated my Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Back in January I had symptoms of frozen shoulder and I tried the treadmill which caused IT Band syndrome. I was utterly frustrated and just about at the end of my rope. I had signed up at the YMCA for Health Seekers, A Biggest Loser inspired program, to help people lose weight. Many of the other “Y” members were working-out 4-days a week and I was side-lined. I still lost weight but most of it due to portion control and diet journaling.

Slowly, I started running again, outdoors. I have run 3 different 5K races so far this year. I am working up my mileage and hope to run a 10K soon. Many of my early expereinces have been posted at my other blog Create with Kim. I hope to bring some of that content over here.

I want other runners involved here, too. If you run in the Upper Peninsula, especially Marquette County, leave a message. Hopefully I can either interview you, or have you guest write for the blog.

Note: I’ve added posts from my main blog www.createwithkim.com that show the journey of my early weight loss to my beginner as a runner. It felt appropriate. So these are cross-posts that appear in both locations.

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