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The Noque and My First 10k Run


Last night there was a winter storm warning and the possibility of a couple inches of snow in the highlands. Here in Marquette we saw rain, sleet and somewhere in the wee hours of the morning my lawn did have snow. So, I slept in. But at 9 a.m. the skies were slate gray, threatening weather, but not precipitating. I dressed warm and headed to the Noque with the intent of doing a full 10k distance. I did not eat breakfast. Last week I ran a slow 9k and spent 9 hours with abdominal spasms and cold sweats. I was hoping to find a way past that this week. And I did.

I ran my 10k in 1:06:55, pace 10:47/mi. I was very happy!

I had energy left and did a slow 2k walk with my camera to capture some of the fall color to share with you.

The Noque from the Tourist Park Trail Head on County Road 550 is a good place to start. My warm-up went from the parking lot back across the road to the 3k marker where the little parking lot is for what used to be a handicap fishing access (flood demolished it).

I set my watch and off I went, running slow over the roots and feeling much more fluid by the 4k marker. By the 5K marker I felt ready to pick-up my pace. But the uphill grades get me a bit and some I speed-walk. As you can see from the photos, the trail is leaf covered, wet, and there are areas where large puddles cover the whole trail and you have to pick your way thru the forest.

I ran to the ponds, past the 8k marker. I paused to take in the scene, even going up to the tracks and looking in both directions at the fall color. Then I started down. I wanted to negative split. I think I hit the ponds at 36 minutes into my run. I always feel powerful when I push past a 5k–my body really likes the feeling of being hot.

Today on the run I did not trip on roots, I was more alert than last week and my legs had more oompf and I felt bouncy. I hit the parking lot and my car at 1:06:55. Drank half of my clean canteen and grabbed the camera and headed back up the trail to take photos.

Last week I did this run, but only 9k. My time was much slower, 1:05:42 a pace of 11:30/mi.  And I was sick afterward. The first time I ran this route was with O.J. and with her pacing me I ran a 9k in 1:00:00 a pace of  10:44/mi. I am realizing when I look at the times that I may have been sick last week.

I use Runner’s World to log my runs.


  1. Joe Coleman
    October 24, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    Nice job, Kim! Keep on running as long your knees can take it. I love the picture above.

  1. October 24, 2009 at 9:14 pm

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