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Sunday Morning Runs–Lil’ Presque & Songbird


To run at Lil’ Presque and Songbird travel out of Marquette on County Road 550 past the parking lot for Sugarloaf, past Wetmore Pond and on your right you will eventually see the turnoff for Songbird Trail and Little Presque Isle.  Today, I parked down at Little Presque and headed out with my camera for a warm-up hike. My hamstrings were quite tight so I headed out to the beach. Walking thru sand can really warm-up legs fast.


After returning camera to the car. I started my run at the new cement pad at the head of the trail to Lil’ Presque. I turned right on to the North Country Trail which follows the river up toward the Songbird parking area.


I crossed the wooden suspension bridge at Songbird and took the right along the other bank of river and headed around to station 9. I looped back up to highway and instead of crossing the bridge, I repeated the loop. I came out of the Songbird Parking area turning back to Lake Superior and parking watching for the trail to pick-up on the right-side of the road. I then took this thru the woods into a mossy wet area where the path narrows and then heads back to the trail running just in from the shoreline of Lake Superior. Here I began a set of three sprints.


I was sure to cool down with 5-7 minutes of walking before a stretch. My work-out prior to cool down was 45 minutes. I am uncertain to my mileage, today. This run encompassed running under conifer forests–much easier than running on trails slick with deep piles of wet leaves. The trail is sandy in area, hard-packed gravel in others. A few wet,  mossy areas with roots add a challenge to a warmed runner. The area I did my sprints in is level, dry, and clear of leaves.

I headed home to make french toast with Apple Harvest Bread from the Marquette Baking Company. It was a perfect start to the month of November. As I checked the mailbox for my Saturday’s mail I was bleessed with statements from Blue Cross Blue Shield and my December copy of Runner’s World!

  1. Jody
    November 15, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    What beautiful pictures! Great blog too!

  2. November 15, 2009 at 8:20 pm

    Thanks Jody! Are you a runner?

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