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Saturday on the Noque


Saturday dawned and I stayed in bed and slept. I had been coping with neck strain, misalignment and muscle spasms for the past week. This led me to believe I could not or should not work out this weekend. But before noon on Saturday I went for a camera hike on the Noque with Mike. I needed movement. Mike wanted to be supportive, so I showed him my “Rave Run.”

Earlier this fall I was trying to get Mike out on the trail in the early morning to shoot pics as I ran past the backside of what I call the dino, or steggie. The leaves were golden and the rock is sheer face on the back side.


Mike, adventurous, climbed up thru the rocks to the topside where I took the above photo. I was pleased to have my Magic Man along. I would push harder and not be so cautious with him at my side. Mike and I made it all the way to the ponds.


The ice is just starting to glaze over the smaller side of the pond (train tracks cut thru the center of the pond. We spent a lot of time taking digital captures of the area and headed back. By this time I had tested out my body by jogging and even sprinting a bit. If you have ever dealt with a chronic injury that flares up you will understand this “testing.” I prayed that I did not set myself back.


And I cannot say I always proceeded with caution. But I was sure to rest after my 10k hike.

For more photos of my Noque Runs read this post: http://runningmarquette.com/2009/10/24/the-noque-and-my-first-10k-run/

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