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Massage Day!

The best thing happened today! And, no, it was not the bargains that I got while shopping at 6 a.m. I scheduled a long massage at the Marquette YMCA with Sam Crowely and got to move some of that lactic acid out of my muscles that was making my quads ache after yesterday’s 10k.

But as some of you know I also have what’s called a thoracic outlet condition that challenges my body with nerve pain and muscles spasms. Sam did great work on my legs and my cervical area. Along with the physical relief we got to discuss reasons that people bury emotions in their bodies and how this journey of fitness and weight loss have led to deeper emotional awareness(es). Sam reminded me that I can meditate and work on releasing tension in my neck on my own.

This was time and money well spent! I needed the awareness(es) that I received during this massage.

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