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This was the scene on my way home from work on Sunday. It was approximately 1:20pm. The ridge at Teal was beautiful. But to turn and look across the lake your mind registers it is a foggy day until you remember that snow, too, looks like this as it moves across the water.

It has been a tense day or two and I have not worked out. I wanted to head out into the snow to run–but Marquette was just wet. The sky could not make up it’s mind so I though maybe the treadmill would not be so bad. Then once on the treadmill I remembered it hurts my feet and ankles. No way could I do 6 miles on a treadmill. I did 2 10.30 miles and followed with some incline run/walk and totalled it out at 4 miles for the day. I threw in some free weights. My whole workout 1.5 hours. Here is the sky from the parking lot at 4:40 p.m.

Next time rain or snow I am heading outside down the trails! If we get enough snow I will try out my new cross country skis.



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