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1st Cold Sunday–Things I Run Past


Okay so I have had some questions on what I wear when it is cold outside. I have to say that until this weekend it was not “cold” outside. This morning it was 14 when I woke and about 20 as I hit the trails off county road 550. I ran the Noque and was also around he water fall. During my run I was too hot! I wore my Nike Pro tights, with a pair of sweat pants over them. I had a base layer top on, also by Nike. This was a compression style long sleeve shirt that is long in length and does not ride up keeping my middle nicely covered. I had a long sleeve top over this, my brown Descente jacket and a black vest zip-up. I had a polar fleece cap and gloves on. I had on ski socks by SmartWool. And my Brooks Cascadian trail runner son my feet. Next time I would skip the vest, and x-tra long sleeve shirt. I would not wear the sweats over my tights.


I want to share some of the things I run past. My feet were too tight today and my iPod crapped out. So I entertained myself with what I ran past. I have arthritis in my great toe of my right foot and the ball of this foot has been too tight and sore since last weeks treadmill run.

Dead River--Equipment & Brush, Things I Run Past


A couple weeks ago Mike and I had spied the trimming of the dead river basin and I captured this photo.


I heard something in the news about China taking back a Panda and I’ve had people telling me about wildlife they come across on their runs. I came across a bear today. He was sad. And he is not going back to China or Australia as far as I know. He looked like a cross between a panda and koala and his exotic coloring is a clear give away is not your average bear.



The Dead River can be perilous especially if you are a risk taker. I will stick with the path and trail. Icy enough. I know soon enough I will be looking at Yak Tracks and other foot gear to keep my steps safe. I will have to visit the Sports Rack and say hi to Mary and the crew.

I ran into a fellow runner on the trail today, Kara Graci from 365 days of Fitness. She was heading out as I came down the trail. We ran together a bit! Yeah! Nice to run trail with someone even if just a short while.

There was a dusting of snow on trails, in shaded areas more. But the ground was freezing up and I missed the cush of spongy ground today. Too thick of socks, cold, a swollen toe and ball of foot all led to a tight footed run. There was some ice but nothing that couldn’t be avoided. All in all a great morning for a run!


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