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Heading Out for Better or Worse

Mike and I are heading to the trail. His skis are a jumble of borrowed and bought at Vinnies! Yikes and his boots are too tight. I doubt we will be out long.

I am dressed with Smart Wool Socks. My top layer is a Nike Pro Moisture wicking shirt that has fleece-type insides. I have a polar fleece zip-up over that and my weather layer is a Descente Jacket that is moisture repelant. But my bottom half is not as prepared. I have on cotton long johns and my Nike pants that I use for running. They have that same slight fleecy mositure wicking. It is suggested wicking, then insulating, and then weather layer. So I may be cold.

My new boots are XC Boots by Fischer. My skis are also by Fischer. The poles are Excel. I will try ot get pics up today. I purchase them as a set at The Sport’s Rack on Washington Street in Marquette. Mary fitted me.

I am afraid. Seriously. I invested all this money and set a goal and now I am afraid I may be in over my head. My first two times on skis were miserable! But there is one thing I have learned about myself this past year. I am a determined women who can try new things and keep at it.

I will need trail buddies in the coming days and weeks. My goal is to particpate in the Noque 12k!

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