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Thinking about snow…

Yesterday, I became a cross-country skier. How do I know this is true? One, I saw the photos of my fear and trepidation before I skied and the photo of my TaDa moment! And secondly, I woke this morning in the dark, brushed off my car and scraped my windshield, wondering what this snow would be like on the trail. I walked over, reached down to the ground and felt this slightly icy snow and wanted to head outdoors instead of to Marquette Senior High School where I was teaching for the day.

It took me much longer to become a runner. I cannot say I became a runner my first time out. It took more than a dozen runs of this I am sure. My first weeks as a runner I had pain. My lungs had not yet expanded. I struggled with exercise induced asthma until about mid-summer. Then once I blasted my lungs wide open, once I could easily crank out 5k, then I felt “I’m a runner”. Or maybe it took to this fall, running with Olivia, my coach and our(my) first 9k out the Noque trailhead at County Road 550 to the ponds.

Tomorrow, I meet with a new coach, Olivia’s mom in fact. Debbie will be my coach for a couple sessions. I will head out to the Forestville Trailhead and begin my learning experience as skier.

I know one thing for sure–I’ve never gotten intrigued and excited while scraping my windshield until today.

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