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Fell on my bum…

Fell on my bum, over and over and over again. Was not ready for hills that big (not that they were that big). Humbled.

Image: Self Portrait

I took myself out to the Marquette Fit Strip to try cross-country skiing on my own today and did miserably. But I want to back up for a moment. To find the Marquette Fit Strip I drove to Park Cemetary and drove back to where the community gardens are–there is a trail head with a big snow-plow-pile in front of it. There are two loops. One that is very ski-skate and there is no classic set to speak of on that loop. The other loop is very narrow with a single classic set and it has some curves, hills, and brush. Many trees are close to trail and your poles might hit soft areas (especially if you are too wide with your poles like this newbie). Anyway the classic set is deteriorating due to lack of snow and traffic and last week’s icy/rainy yuck.

Image: Messy Trail

Did I mention I am afraid of heights? Did I mention this is not a flat trail? Did I mention that I fell over 5 times and not soft like my coach taught me. Can we say one fall I am not sure what I did with my pole and left arm but I hurt. And there is this little spot on my right low back that is stiff. But the almost full blue moon was rising–the moon will be full New Year’s Eve. I learned we will end this decade on a blue moon while listening to Mark and Walt in the Morning at Sunny 101.9.

Image: Almost Blue Moon Rising

I stopped by Farmer Q’s for discounted produce and food stuffs; they’re closing at the end of the year and will re-open again on April Fool’s Day 2010. All produce is 25% off and I got Sleeping Bear Farms Raw Honey and Naturally Nutty Vanilla Peanut Butter for 35% off. But most valuable was the advice I got to head myself out to Blueberry to do the green easy loop over and over again to regain confidence.

Tonight I will console myself with stri-fried summer squash & zukes, a salmon fillet and lovely basmati rice. I’ll rest and stretch, ice and heat. Get geared up for my next attempt at Blueberry Ridge Trails and try, try, again.

The photos were taken with my new trail camera, the Casio EX-Z33.

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