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Blueberry Ridge Pathway, Crossroads Loop

Photo Credit: Mike Hainstock

The snow was slower today at Blueberry, but I was happy to see more snow on the trails this time. It was sticky snow, almost “felt” like and the temp was around 19-21 degrees. Mike came with and braved the trail with his Canon S5 IS and took these awesome photos. Mike is my boyfriend of 6-years and he has been very supportive of my health and fitness, not an easy thing the past few weeks. But I felt strong today so out to the trails. I did the Crossroads Loop (Easy 2.5k) two times round. The first was slow as I also took some photos with my Casio. The second loop Mike was back at the vehicle and I “gave her” working up a good sweat.

Photo Credit: Mike Hainstock

Yesterday I had attended Mukta Yoga to bring the New Year in with intention, and I was a bit sore from all the long slow stretches. So, on the second loop, I felt the fatigue a bit. If Mike had not been in the vehicle I still might have done a third loop. We drove down to the second parking lot and I met a couple nice skiers as I asked about the lighted loop. I hear it is lighted until 10pm. I am going to shoot for a ski on Thursday night after dinner.

Photo Credit: Mike Hainstock

I’ve only had one coaching session, and I’ve not got in the practice and distances I wanted to by this date. It makes me worry about the Noque 12k. I will have the first of my test results back from the lab this week. The enzymes I am taking the adjustments to my diet seem to be bringing some relief. This is the best I have felt at night in weeks.

After today’s workout Mike and I headed out to Presque Isle and took some photos. We were in the wind and the windchill had to be under zero. My fingers hurt. I kept running back to the car to get warm. But we came away with some awesome photos.

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