What works for you?

We all face challenges but we make it through one day at a time. Last night I watched the season premier of the Biggest Loser and the contestants are couples: husband and wife, mother and son, cousins, pairs embarking on this journey of weight loss and fitness. Ultimately, they will change their life and they will face what seems like insurmountable problems. Day One on the ranch they exited their limos, headed directly to the gym, and had to bike 26.2 miles. I thought, heck I can do that (now) and I pulled the stationary bike in front of the television and peddled 26.2 miles in 50:50. Just last year I could not workout 3 minutes worth of commercial breaks while doing high knees and half-jacks.

When I started this path, it was Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Illiotibial Band Syndrome that tried to halt me. I injured my shoulder along the way. I found I had arthritis in my right foot. Now my challenge is a strained psoas muscle and probable food sensitivities. My ferritin level is 5 when it needs to be 50 so I have been tested for Celiac. My GI track has not been my friend. And anyone who has pulled or torn his or her psoas knows what deep down pain truly is. My new sport of XC-Skiing is challenging the psoas and my Physical Therapist, Jeannie Wagner at Balanced Bodies and I have work to do, yet again. I won’t ski the Noque 12K. But I will be running a 10k Noque in snowshoes (I hope).

As I head into the New Year, I have been looking at what my successes are and what worked for me last year. I am excited to be down over 50 pounds of weight. I can say it is due to my tenacity. I decided never to give up. I listened to my body. I kept trying new things. I have a wonderful man who offers huge support right down to hiding the cookies. Consistency and tracking both food intake and workouts has held me accountable. To me, blogging is not only a way to build community, but it is another  way to hold myself accountable, if my life is an open book then I must live accordingly.

What works for you? Where do you need more support? What changes are you working on and are you ready for the challenges that will reveal themselves?

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