Got Shoes?

Today the sun came out! Mike wanted to go out and play so this afternoon we headed out for photo opps. We first headed out of Marquette toward Midway Drive and then County Road 510 looking for a small road that would lead us to railroad tracks and a trestle over the Dead River. We never found the tiny road. But we pulled over to a development being planned on a ridge over The Dead. I’m not a big fan of development but these people will have aawesome views.

One day we will have to look for where the Noque trail hits 510. We headed to Al Quaal and did the Baby Lake Loop a 2k-loop that I did with jogs and stops for photos. Lots of photos. My Tubbs Snowshoes are not meant for running. I was to borrow a pair from my P.T. but could not get to the office before closing on Friday, so I was stuck with my own pair. That aside the colors and snow–AMAZING!

After hiking around Baby Lake Trail we headed to watch the snow-tubers. I love the dramatic views on the hill, the angle of light and the view of the ridge from Teal Lake. I imagine we did about 4K today (with and without snowshoes), combine that with my session at Mukta Yoga and I was pretty happy with how I am moving thru the psoas muscle strain. I plan to XC-ski tomorrow staying on flat land and attempting to do the Crossroads Loop at Blueberry 3x around. The activity that seems to affect the psoas most is the forward motion of my right leg with XC-skis on. I’ve a strengthening and stretching routine to help recovery.

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