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I’m a Winner–Ritter Sport Minis

The Ritter Sport Mini’s have arrived! I won the challenge at …live for adventure. Sonja Wieck asked blog visitors to share how they would challenge themselves in the new year and from all entries four winners would be chosen randomly.

I wrote: My first goal this year was to get on XC-Skis and not fall down. So this year for (an early) Christmas I went to a local ski shop and was outfitted with boots, poles, and skis. I had ski’d 2x in my life and spent more time in the snow on the ground with my butt then upright. I had a feeling that, this year, after becoming a runner might be different. I trail run and my balance and core strength have improved. But I had to set a goal–to enter in my first race a 12k!! So today was my first day upright on skis and in less than 45 days I have a race!! Whew! I got my work cut-out for me.
I’ve lost 50 pounds in a year BTW.

The box is truly more chocolate that I can eat. I took some to a potluck. I am making Mike take some to work for the employees at Radioshack (Ishpeming). I will surely give some away to people at my birthday dinner next week.

Two minis, according to SparkPeople.com are only 180 calories. Having lost a bit of weight due to some sort of GI problem in December I was happy to get my stomach under control and eat some FOOD! Having a box of minis around is too easy to over-indulge. Plus, I am limiting my dairy and wheat. But I digress, I wanted to let you all know about Ritter Sport Chocolates, a German chocolate. I like Haselnuss (Hazelnut) best and the Knusperflakes (Cornflakes) are crunchy and lovely. My box of 84 Mini’s did not have any dark chocolate, my favorite, so in truth the chocolate is a bit sweet for my taste, but I keep tasting.

It’s a very good thing I am in training and I can bump my calories and still lose a bit of weight while giving my body energy. Today I headed out with Cross Country Skis to try the Lighted-Loop at Blueberry Ridge. There is only one classic track set and the rest of the wide lane is for skate-ski. I ski classic and I loved the long-straights of this path and also the long slow downhill. I ended up doing the loop 2x for a total of 3.4 miles.

Now those who have been following the blog know I am not to be on hills. Sorry Jeannie I did hills and I even fell once. I am recouping a psoas injury that has me changing some of my goals. And I ended up changing my challenge, above, too. I will not be skiing the Noque on January 30th. Most likely I will be running a 10k snow shoe at the Noque this year. I will be slowly working on Cross Country Skiing and the races will have to wait, for now. But I love the variety I have built in to my training routine. My week looks something like this:

  • Sunday–XC-ski
  • Monday–PT exercises
  • Tuesday–26.2 on stationary bike
  • Wednesday–Physical Therapy appointment, Yoga, PT exercises
  • Thursday– Yoga, swim, walk, run or ski.
  • Friday– PT exercises
  • Saturday–Yoga and/or Snowshoe
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