Rehab Route & Beyond

I live in South Marquette and it is hilly and as anyone who has a psoas strain knows tiny steps and level ground is a GOOD Thing. But I developed a rehab route in the neighborhood tha is only 1.36 miles without warm-up and cool-down.  And yesterday was my first run in weeks. I ran 1.36 in 10 min/mile. Better yet, my psoas did not spaz-out. (Whew, sigh of relief!)

Today, so far, I have seen my Physical Therapist, Jeannie at Balanced Bodies for some ultrasound on the psoas and cervical adjustments. Plus we have a slight lift placed in my left-foot “everyday shoes.” I had a one-hour massage with Sam Crowley at the YMCA. We worked on neck and psoas of course. Now I am off to Doc Hatfield’s office to discuss my Gluten Intolerance and what tests we ought to do next.

When I got to the YMCA I found I won a hoodie-sweatshirt during the Great Race! SCORE! Perfect to have it awarded on my birthday 🙂

I have purchased a new red-stainless-steel toaster (not yet detailed with flames and racing stripes). I have a gluten-free kitchen prep-space and a cupboard all cleaned out for just my gluten-free items. I have not tackled the fridge, yet.

I was not happy with my birthday cake by Namaste. I made it dairy and egg-free by using egg-replacer and maybe that is why it was so heavy and ucky. I won’t give up.

I feel I am not so much blogging as reporting, but I am being kind to myself as I enter year 46! I made great strides in 2009. Now in 2010, my body says I have a couple more things that need my attention and where my goal was to do a race a month in 2010, I have declared this month, January’s Race, as the race to a gluten-free lifestyle. It is like being in training, tuning into my body and listening to the subtle changes that will in the long run help rid my body of illness and inflammation!

Note: got a copy of my test results and OH Yeah! I am DEFINITELY Gluten Intolerant. Have a recommendation to see a gastroenterologist for discussion and scheduling of a endoscopy of my small intestine for biopsy.

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