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What makes me Humm?

Today was my first good run in almost a month. I have been rehabing a psoas strain and I decided rather than slipping on ice I would go run in the Superior Dome. I had on my fave shoes, Brooks Cascadians, shorts and a tee. I warmed up slow and even stretched out my hips. I ran my first lap and felt-out my body(just where was I today?). Doing Good I continued. My first mile was fast somewhere around 8 minutes which is a Personal Best. I normally trail run so I was thinking maybe this is my time for smooth concrete. (I was running the outer edge of the Dome not the track). I ran over 4 miles all around the 8 min/mi. I sang the theme song to the Biggest Loser on my cool down, “What have you done today to make you feel proud!?” Humm Baby!

I iced. My Rectus Femoris, a bit too tight. I might not be tracking normally. It’s okay.

I am adjusting to eating Gluten Free. My biopsy is Feb 9th. My bloodwork came back suggestion Gluten Intolerance. I have a shiny new red toaster and a cupboard to keep my gluten free items in. The change over, and Mike having a different diet and set of desires–expensive. But I am finding new fave foods.

In my new red shiny toaster I made Van’s Blueberry, (Gluten, Dairy and Egg-free) with fresh ground co-op Almond Butter and a sprinkle of raisins. It makes the perfect breakfast, lunch or snack. I can pair it with a smoothie, too! It is my new humm food. I can sing, “I can do this!” A jazzy happy tune that makes me want to wiggle and run.

So the healing process continues and as I adjust to a gluten free lifestyle I know the muscle spasms will decrease, my inflammation will decrease and my injuries will be rare (right, we can hope).

I am learning how to “Humm,” a term I learned from Megan Killian who is having a contest to win one of my new fave foods LÄRABAR s!

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