Happiness is…Oh Lucy!

Happiness is…Oh Lucy! Or should I say lucy with a lower case cursive “l” ? I went to Starbucks today after a swim at the YMCA of Marquette. I had heard Starbucks carried a line of gluten-free snacks. They had Kinda Bars, and lucy cookies! The lucy cookies came in tiny pouches that are clearly labled “No milk, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts” and “Gluten Free” in fact the cookies, “are made in our own carefully controlled bakery” and “as an added precaution they test for trace amounts of milk, egg, gluten, peanuts and almond.”

You can follow @lucys_tweets and @Starbucks at  Twitter and let them know how happy you are for gluten-free and vegan options at Starbucks nationwide 🙂

I bought the Chocolate Chip and the Cinnamon Thins and will save a package for later this week. I opened the Chocolate Chip and loved the little crunchy dunkable cookies that have 0mg of cholesterol and trans fat. a serving is 3 cookies, or 130 calories (but there is a fourth cookie in the bag and I ate it). Let me tell you my enthusiasm was contagious as all heck at Starbucks today. We danced around the store klookingat Kind Bars and lucy cookies and the little slips of paper announcing the coming of “Food Should Taste Good” chips.

I was also happy after my swim today. It wasn’t powerful but after several laps of testing out my hip and psoas muscle I was able to loosen up and swim for 20 minutes with a mix of breaststroke, side stroke, and backstroke with flutter kicks and also elementary backstroke. I hit the hot tub and was sure to position myself to fully benefit from the jets on insertion points for the rectus femoris and psoas.

  1. January 27, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    I noticed today that there is “gluten-free oats” in the Cinnamon thins. I already threw out the wrapper for the chocolate chips. I am not to eat oats for a year.

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