Taking Care

Photo: Pocket Ore Dock
Location: Marquette Lower Harbor from Bike (or Running 😉 ) Path
Photographer: Kim Nixon

The greatest lesson I have learned in the last 14-months has been to take care of myself. I have not lost 52 pound and become a runner by ignoring my mind and body. The recent injury and health challenge is just another layer in learning self-care.

Last night I over ate! (Big Smiles) Please realize that in December just ingesting food was a roll-a-coaster of nausea and pain. Most of the month of January I woke with shaky hands and no energy. But the process of eliminating gluten and the realization that I just cannot do dairy and then coming to terms with it all, has seen me through to the healing side of this adventure. I have a long way to go as I attempt to get the nutrition aspects of my body understood and I can aid the body by feeding it what it needs to restore iron stores and other nutrients. I have to learn new go-to foods. What my body likes before and after runs. But yesterday I over ate! I had no pain. And I had a cookie (gluten, dairy, casien, and egg free).

I have not made it back out to the trails since my psoas strain, but I did  make it to the dome, figuring running on solid non-iced surface would be best and that run while jarring was good, fast and hopeful. But I long for trails and I often run alone so I love coming across this article by Go Sonja, Tips for the Solo Woman Runner at RunColo.com. I don’t run the distances that Sonja Wieck does, or that Megan Killian runs, but I will be in the over one-hour run class as soon as I am done rehabbing this injury. I was there in November when it was common for me to run 1:15:00 and I wanted to go further, but I’d shut myself down mentally when the body still wanted to go. Part of it was a scheduling issue and pre-worrying about what Mike at home was thinking with me gone so long. The advice she gives will help me.

I like how she advises runners on refueling on the way home rather than coming in looking like you cannot help yourself or being short-and cranky with family cause you need some fuel. As a woman I often feel Like I serve others best by getting right back home. Good to remember to serve me first. A little self-care and awareness goes a long way. I also love the advice on how to get past the “hurt-locker” while on the trail. I have not been running with a pack, and I hate to say it I was doing just over one-hour runs with no hydration. That’s going to change right away! As I have been rehabbing with very-short runs I am learning that hydration is my friend. I have more energy and I feel smoother.

So, taking care. I now need to figure out what to eat before runs now that I am gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and maybe casien-free, too. Suggestions for both pre and post-run foods most welcome.

  1. January 26, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    Thanks for the shout out! Pre run: ok, how about nuts?? Celery with peanut or almond butter. Avocado, I smear that stuff everywhere, turkey, I like to have cooked potatoes and sweet potatoes on hand at all times.

  2. January 27, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    I’ve read on your blog about eating pre-cooked sweet potatoes and potatoes on runs. Just eat it like an apple, eh? I think I will try that as I lengthen my runs.

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