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Dome it–Windchill -14

As I left for work today the thermometer said 1.6 degrees. I never stopped to check what the windchill was, I just stared the car and listened to the power-steering pump whine as I ducked back into the house for coffee and my bag of running gear which I now pack in one of those eco-freindly shopping bags. The square bottom is great for shoes and my Clean Canteen sits well right next to them. I did not plan to run outside today.

Walking and running at The Superior Dome at Northern Michigan University is free this winter! I hate running indoors. I hate running on concrete. But as I rehab an injury I am happy for the option. This is my second Dome run and I “do” like it more than a treadmill. My core is not strong enough to stabilize on ice, at this time. Today was hard for me, running a 5k when I was to be racing a 12k cross-country ski on Saturday left me a little melancholy.

This is a great wall to stretch in front of and it is just down the hall from the Olympic Education Center within the Dome. I tried to console myself with the fact that I am running my 5k faster than any of my race times last summer and fall. I remembered to be grateful for my tenacity and my ability to work thru injury and my ability to heal. Plus, I am blessed to live in such an inspiring athletic place as Marquette, Michigan.

I love running to the right side of this big roll of turf. I don’t think anyone loves running in circles but at least the photographer in me loves all the angles, beams, curves, and lines that surround me in this magnificent structure. One day I promise photos of the outside.

There She is the Finish Line. The race I am not competing in on Saturday is the Noquemannon. I was going to do the new 12K distance, classic ski. Next year! And who knows I might be up to the 25K by then.

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