Walking Marquette

Today is only for walking. I am doing the “prep” for my EGD and Colonoscopy. These two tests will help determine a diagnosis. Soon we may know why I have gastric issues and cramping during and/or after some runs. We are looking to verify or eliminate Celiac Sprue or Celiac Disease and Dr. Stahl thinks we will find Celiac based on some of my blood work, my history, and my reactions to eliminating Gluten. Before the meds started to work on me, too much, I took a very short walk on Presque Island. These are views of Lake Superior. Not much sun today so I tweaked the photos a bit.

Photography led to my weight-loss and eventually to me becoming a runner. I was unhappy. I was not writing. But the trails they healed me. I love to run trails, hike, and take camera walks as cool downs from long runs.

For the serious photos I use a Canon S5 IS and for Christmas I received a Casio EXFilm 10.1 mega-pixel that I can carry on runs or skiing. Photos above with the Canon. The photos below are from the hospital this morning where I consulted with Dr. Stahl about my procedures tomorrow and I used the Casio (which just happens to fit in my purse too!)

I look for hope when challenged. Trails are a natural place to find that hope. Looking out the hospital window at the bleak February sky was a bit of a downer. But I knew I’d find some beauty on the island.

My training schedule is interuptted this week by medical tests and a subsequent heavy work schedule to make up for the two days off (Monday and Tuesday). I think it may be Sunday before I get a decent run.

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