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Re-Injury & Medical Updates




This week started with prepping for medical procedures, a day of biopsies, and then back-at-it working to pay bills including a long Friday double shift 9:00am to 9:30pm. Friday, the only sunshine I could claim was thru my dirty car windows and thru the window to the home I was working in. The shadows above were shot through a winter window and post-prrocessed in PSE with OptikVerve Virtual Photographer filters.

On Saturday as I woke to work a 9am-3pm shift I was feeling confident and more like myself until I bent to wipe up milk off a floor and my back went out. How come it could be lifting a feather that is the simple action that puts out a back.

Now, I know enough about my own anatomy that I can tell my psoas muscle had been tight, again, after my EGD and Colonoscopy. I also knew the meds they used to put me under left my body feeling all sharp and brittle (muscle wise). But I was not aware that my hips and low back had been stuggling to hold everything in place. Then it happened. My body shut down motion and said freeze. It said you will address my needs. It said STOP.

I know how to help my body. I need that massage I was avoiding due to income lows. I need that chiropractor too and probably will need Doc Craig for a couple weeks, going forward. I know I have to keep up with body maintainance but I had fallen into denial.

Can I say I still feel confident? I almost made it through the week without taking time off work due to the medical procedures or digestive issues. I’ll share that they removed a polyp from my stomach, discovered a hiatal hernia, and biopsied the small intestine and colon. Sometime next week we will have the results.

Note: The photos were taken with a Casio EXFilm 10.1 camera and the progression of color from winter blues, to a hint of green and finally orange crush signify just how tired I am of this winter.

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