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How did I lose 55 Pounds?

How did I lose 55 pounds? I’d wake each day and ask what can I do today. I’d meet my body, mind, and spirit and take action. Sometimes that meant a trail run, a swim, or hopping on the stationary bike in the evening after work. On days like today, where muscle spasms have me walking across the room like an old woman with a cane strategizing on how to lift plates into a cupboard, it means being kind.

Today I will meet my body in a good way. I will do deep breathing, belly breathing. I will get on the floor with help if necessary and move thru some gentle range of motion and stretches. I will get up with help too. (Yes it is pretty bad today). I can hydrate. I can take supplements and I can eat well.

I wanted to cross train today, do a long run with a short swim. But it is not always about what I want.

I’ve lost 55 pounds since November of 2008. Since graduating massage school (1994, spring) I’ve lost 61 pounds. Part of getting through this day of back pain is remembering my accomplishments and not diminishing them. Having pain is not a failure. It is a lesson, just one of many.

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