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Rehab Morning with Waffles

The Gluten Free Lifestyle continues and I think I’m past the anger phase. But I grow weary of my old stand-by of Van’s gluten, dairy, egg-free waffles. Today, I came up with a new combo but the calories were WOWZA! I guess we will call this brunch ’cause I have to spread some of these calories into lunch!

Van’s All Natural Gourmet Waffles-Blueberry 2 Waffles
Almond Butter, 2 tbsp
Pecans, 0.25 cup, halves
Banana, fresh, 1 small
Honey, 0.33 tbsp

Calories: 648 Carbs:63 Fat:40 Protein:14

The honey is dark and lovely and purchased in bulk at the Marquette Food Co-op. The almond butter is fresh ground nuts from the co-op with nothing added. The Vans Waffles are on sale this month, so needless to say I’ve been eating them often. I dressed today’s plate up with pecans, not the best choice for calories and if your watching your fats a big no-no. But I tend to eat too little fat and while recovering from injury my body can use the fats. I was attempting to up my protein by adding in more nuts.

Last weekend I put my back out at work simply wiping up spilled milk under a kitchen table. I was actually singing no use crying over spilt milk to keep a child from feeling sad! I was in a squat as not to kneel on the dirty-floor and kinda had to back out form under the table to come back up, and when I went to straighten I could not.

This has been a rough winter starting back in December when gastric issues hit critical. Then the body just kinda went downhill from there.

I have been very pro-active this past week. 3 visits to the chiropractor, two physical therapy appointments and massage. I’ve gone from a back locked down in pain that would not let me reach past my knees to touching the floor with a little effort. HUGE! Huge, improvement.

But no, I did not run in the Charity Chiller this morning.

As you can see, instead I am settling-in to read my Yoga Journal, and stretch. Rehab continues. I was placed on light duty at work for 2 weeks. Monday starts Week-Two of my adjusted work activities. I miss the “consumers” I work with on a daily basis.

I miss, even more, my active lifestyle. I want my body back in the zone, soon.

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