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Sunday Run in StabilICERS

My run was a walk/jog with some faster legs I might begin to call running. I wore my StabilICERS and ran the bike path for a round trip home and back of 5 miles. I came in the door dancing to ColdPlay. I had a head-wind for some distance and the snow pelted me in the face. But I liked the taste of snow today it made me feel young. I feel my time and distance sucked, but I sweated darn good.

Reading on Facebook and on other’s websites of friends who had longer runs than my own had me a bit saddened. I want to be running longer miles and feeling strong both before, during and after the run. But I have to keep focus here. I am healing. Pushing too hard will only mean more set-backs.

This tiny stretch of woods is just before the Picnic Rock’s parking lot. The snow was drifted in odd little swaths further up the path. At times, I had snow pack, ice, clear wet pavement, or drifts. Part of my “slowness” was being  cautious and taking it to a walk to judge where my body was. A perfect opportunity to take photos. This is my first outdoors run since early December (I think, picture me scratching head).

The day was not without challenges. I came home to hear the router had died. My gastrointestinal track started to spaz–enough to worry me–but it was not one of those 8-hour long events that make you think of the emergency room.

Tonight, I have a spaz-ing psoas muscle again. I felt it at first after grocery shopping. I sat on the couch and felt it trembling on my attachment at the lesser trocanter on the right thigh. I can also feel it now in a couple other places.

Good news is the low back is holding well. I can touch my toes and my range of motion seems unaffected. I ate good foods including much spinach and pineapple.

Ummm…but I am still searching for the positive. Dang psoas muscle! Time for me to stretch ice and try to let go of high expectations and work with my body. I mean I did run into that headwind. I was outside. And at the grocery store I bought my first ever box of EnviroKidz Peanut Butter Panda Puffs! And you know what they almost taste like Captain Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch. A little more mellow, less sugar, but plenty of crunch. So I have that to look forward to tomorrow.

Tell me about your runs! Tell me about your weekend! Tell me what nourishes you!

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