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Iron Boosting Smoothie!

Almond Breeze – Chocolate, 1 cup
Banana, fresh, 1 small 
Cherries Dole Dark Sweet Frozen 1 cup
Spinach, fresh, 1 cup
Molasses, blackstrap, 1 tbsp
Barlean’s Flax Oil, 1 tbsp
Calories: 467

Carbs: 81g Fat: 15g Protein: 6g Iron: 31g

I am concentrating on boosting my iron stores. As you may know people with Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease have a difficult time absorbing iron and other nutrients. I have been hesitant to throw spinach into a smoothie but I could not even tell it was there! You can taste the earthy strong taste of molasses but I enjoy that. The Dark Pitted Cherries are from a Smeltzer Orchards a Michigan farm in the Lower Peninsula and were purchased back in December from Farmer Q’s in Marquette. I need some antioxidant loveliness today as I am sore from yesterday’s run. It is good to be back at it!

  1. March 3, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    Yum! Being on a liquid diet this summer, I found that adding veggies to smoothies and the juicer was actually a tasty way to get extra nutrients! What a surprise! (FYI to the general public…no it wasn’t a crazy weight-loss scheme, I HAD to be on a liquid diet 6 wekks post surgery. 🙂 )

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