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Making the Trax…(like a Yax)

The snow is diminishing fast (but I’m thinking back to Saturday morning when there was still some snow). I was so glad the Yak Trax arrived on my doorstep before the weekend. I headed out to a trail with some tree coverage. I figured I’d have some nice, mixed conditions in which to test the Trax.

I chose to gear-up my Hikers, rather than my trail runners. To tell ya the truth I was not sure I would run. The winter has been spent in physical therapy trying to overcome injury. Trail runs put stress on the injury. I figured Saturday’s excusion would be like doing a walk/jog, but this was a hike/jog with big camera.

Songbird Trail is lovely for trail runs. Hemlock forest, sandy beach, river delta, and views of Lake Superior. I ran over that foot-bridge during the Shore Run last year. It is pretty trippy to go over that bridge with a pack of runners. Today the bridge was covered with that wet snow that comes with melt, icy, squishy. The kind of snow that you can skitter in and restrain injuries if you misstep.

I started running just past the bridge, I was feeling pretty confident. Mike was along for a hike. He had his camera, too. We both toted our Canon S5 IS. I have a smaller less-expensive camera that I normally pocket on runs. Running with the S5 means holding it in my hand. I can tell you this, you don’t want your feet to go out from under you while holding onto your best camera.

I was correct on the mixed conditions. I had snow pack and wet sand that gave easily with my impact. I laughed knowing I was leaving behind the tracks of the Yak. Felt good to be smelling pine. The air was damp and chill. Raindrops coated everything. Mist was rising and floating thru the delta and there was heavy clouds/fog on Superior.

Mike was on the ice pack at the shore. I caught him with my camera. I took a rest and kept a watchful eye. I did not want to lose him to the icy waters. I ventured out a bit onto the ice and snow–but not as far as Mike!

I was pretty excited to have a new gear option for heading out to trails. I was thinking that the Yak Trax would only be good for snowy conditions. As I ran I pondered the added traction for wet hill slides, strange gravel, wet-mossy trails. I just might benefit from the Trax year-round in the Upper Peninsula.

I want to thank Whitney at Yak Trax! The box was so cool to come home to–there it sat smiling at me, promising me some outdoor fun! Like I said it has been a hard winter of injury recovery and I am still not at full, yet. But I knew, this product would only help. The x-tra goodies were a nice surprise, too. The Cool Max Trainer socks from Sof Sole are soft and cushy. And the Hotties will be great for cold weather. I promise to let you know if I get out on more snow and ice. This is an early melt here in the Upper Peninsula–we may have more storms. But I am thinking I want to review these on a rainy-wet-slidy run, too!

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