Outta the Sewer

I had to get my mood outta the sewer. Too many medical set-backs and challenges. I just wanted the freedom of running, strong, in the sun. I even packed my gear before work–just in case. So, with a little advice of what had melted and what was snow-covered I headed to the Heritage Trail area in Negaunee, Michigan.

The park entrance is still snow-covered and I was advised to drive past the turquoise painted Negaunee Senior Center and watch for a side-street on my left, and a couple new duplexs that had been built. Nearby is a small parking area. Entering the trail here takes you to the first road intersection, Merry and Snow St. These are old roads, with old stairways, stone walls, and sewer covers.

Soon I was into the run. And bang! I ran outta clear road. I hit County 480 (or biz loop Hwy. 28) and did a short loop on the side streets and turned back. I had come up a long hill with a decent incline so I did some hill repeats. I felt short of breath, and like I had lost a ton of strength over the past 3 1/2 months.

This sculpture is at the bottom of the hill. When the snow melts I want to trail run each of the off-shoots which travel around old mines. I kept telling myself if those miners kept working thru a winter I could repeat a hill 3 more times.

By the end of the run, I was happy! I felt I could reward myself with blood oranges, tangerines, and a Larabar! It was 40 minutes on asphalt after working all day. The second run of the week. And last night I had biked 13.5 on the Stationary Bike. I might be getting healthy.

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