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Sunday’s Noque Trail Run!

Sunday I parked in the Pioneer Surgical parking lot and walked back toward the Dome. Past the 1k marker to start my run at Northern Michigan University. It was a good warm-up. I had never started my run from here and my hopes are that as the season continues I can work up from starting at the Dome and make it to the Forestville Trailhead and back.

I was getting warm and more fluid by the 2k marker. Sorry the photos are not richer with color. Where the day was blue, blue, blue sky and a nice cool 36-42 degrees the color is a bit void. I had my tunes, determination, and the promise of a body not feeling the effects of Gluten. I was in a positive frame of mind.

The trail was mixed conditions from dry and soft, to packed snow that had turned to ice, slushy melting icy snow, and muck too! I loved t! The ground is thawing and so forgiving. Before I knew it I was digging deep up hills and stepping lively around roots. Oh how I missed trails!

3k Marker I had passed the Dead River and was heading uphill! I was hot. I took a drink of water and slowed to shed gloves, roll my sleeves and unzip a bit. I considered turning back, but I missed my trail. I pushed on. Did I dare go past the dinosaur?

I passed the dinosaur (from the back side). The worse of the ice was behind the sleeping rocky giant. I still wanted to runnnnnnnnnn! But I made myself turn back as I am still recovering from injuries and healing my gut from gluten.

I ran about 7.5-8k and had a just over a 1k warm-up wearing my Brooks Cascadian Trail Runners no Stabilicers, no Yak Trax. My right jaw was tight (the remainder of a headache), my right shoulder was tight, and my right great toe was not very happy. But the old injuries of winter were pretty fluid. I had no GI distress. I was a little under hydrated. Hours after my 56 minute run and I am feeling some tightness in my right ab/oblique and psoas area. I will use the tennis balls tonight and the softball, the fun noodles, and roll around on the floor and do some massage on the fascia with nice long stretches.

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