Things I Run Past

Things I Run Past--View of Marquette Fog & Boat Yard

Sometimes, if I get into a cadence I even run past my fear and my doubts. Today I was tight and felt heavy. I had a headwind and had forgotten my gloves. The sign at Classic Auto said 38 degrees at the start of my run and 36 degrees at the end of the run. I had a headache. The day was gray, wet, and my mood was not positive. Unfortunately it was a theme of dissatisfaction that hung with me all day, almost. 

I kept telling myself that my workouts, after diagnosis and injury, were becoming stronger and more consistent. That the idea is not to have one great strong run, but to listen to my body and have many strong runs for a lifetime. Yet, I am jealous as others build their mileage and run early season races. 

Yesterday I had a great strong yoga session full of shoulder work. Then last night I danced, lifted weights and did abs for 30 minutes. Oh, I certainly could feel “yesterday” during today’s run. 

It wasn’t a long run. But it was followed with a Sunday Breakfast of bacon, Vans Gluten Free Waffles, homemade hash browns and maple syrup and I sat down to the meal with Mike. I was starting to feel, better. 

But work did not go so well. I felt a bit unskilled in the face of challenges today. 

Then, while repacking a gym bag, I put on a Speedo that I purchased just after the Sydney Olympics in 2000. I never fit in to it. I had purchased the biggest size left in stock. Now, nearly 60 pounds lighter–IT FITS. 

Sometimes, to feel strong, it takes coming home from a bad day at work and trying on a swim suit and actually feeling comfortable in your own skin. 

There have been many days over the last 4-months where I did not feel comfortable in my own skin. 

But I might just run past my doubts and fears and onto my hopes and dreams.

Things I Run Past--View of Founder's Landing Development

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