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…not like a rocker chick, but

My first run after having a cyst drained between my Great and Index toes went well. I had rested this week and cross-trained. swimming on Tuesday and then I went to Yoga on Wednesday and Saturday. But I could not leave it at that the weather was just too nice so on Saturday Mike and I grabbed cameras and we headed out to Harlow Lake and hiked around for around 2 hours. My socks were too thick, my shoes too tight and it left me worried for today’s run. But it was a fun time at Harlow Lake and feel free to check out some “Self-Involved” photos at my Flickr account. I had fun with a painted rock.

The run today? Okay so it went a little like this 1k warm-up (untimed) steady walk–run started at 2K (Noque) marker and my turnaround point was 6k marker (32:00)–The idea was to slow it down to a hike, but I jogged a tad and gawked at scenery and played with “Henry” a little black dog who wanted to visit with me and I went off trail, all o…n my way back to 3k marker (36:00).


The right oblique and front hip area of my body was definitely stiff and had a lactic acid build up. But the hip and foot pain was greatly improved. I did what my nutritionist and I strategized for post-run recovery and no intestinal distress and I topped the afternoon off with a short nap. So far all is well.

I was very happy with the greening world. The clumps of moss and the light filtering thru the forest. The heat of the day was bringing up that woodsy smell in a red pine forest that makes my senses swing nad Daisy May on the iPod (shuffle, the itsy bitsy one) had my heart light and happy.

I have to say…even though I promised to be Folksy I had been a rocker chick running uphill on the Noque to Coldplay, testing the body and pushing to my limits.

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