Healing and Playing

Clean Water Forever, Protect it from the Nasties!


Hi all, It has been a while since I have posted. My body has been slow to heal and the runs are few and far between. Some weeks I get in 3 runs of about 2-4 miles each and then I will have a run where I drop to the ground in pain. I think it is mostly my intestinal health, but we have no real answers to the spasms. I am on vitamin D supplements as the Celiac Disease was causing malabsorption issues. My blood stores of iron are low but on the rise! Healing occurs everyday. I just go with the flow. My body just cannot handle impact, at this time. My bike was dropped off at Lakeshore Bike for a tune-up. I am hoping some biking will be available to this body. I can hike. Walk beaches. I am maintaining  my body weight. And I am adjusting to the new diet of no: gluten, soy, dairy, corn, and oats. Most of all, I am hopeful.

What has being diagnosed with Celiac Disease meant for me? I have no migraine headaches. I used to have these several times a month lasting for 1-3 days at a time. There were times where I would be fishing on the boat and have to lay down low in the boat and cover my head. I will have better summers now, for the rest of my life! Being on the diet has allowed my body to let go of inflammation. I can swim freestyle again and I am gaining upper body strength. I try not to push it too fast, and still alternate strokes.  An old neck, shoulder, arm injury is healing. So you see I know whatever is going on in the core of my body will heal too, in time, with care and love.

I am suppose to run a race on June 5th and I’m not sure I can. I might be so bold as to walk it! (If they will let me).

Water has been on my mind. With the spill in the Gulf and the fight against Sulfide Mining here in the Upper Peninsula. This photo was taken on a private Lake Superior beach on Saturday where I watched my grandson play in the sand.

Grandson Picking Up Stones

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