Still Standing, Still Walking

I am Still Standing, and Still Walking (for the most part). Every now and again I get brave enough to run. Sometimes this is a good thing. Other days? My body spasms out. 😦

I have good good news though. Since following the Gluten-Free diet my blood-serum ferritn level (deep stores of iron) has come up two points. This is the first increase in 11 years! Over time, this will equate to more oxygenated blood, less spasms and better, faster healing and recovery from injury.

During nutrient testing we also found a low level of Vitamin D. Lucky for me, knowledge is POWER and with supplementation, addressing diet and good ole sunshine I am working on correcting the numbers.

This is a race weekend for me and I am doing things soooo odd! I am not training. I am going for a massage the night before? Weird! Normally, I go for a massage 48 hours after a race. And I am not running the race. The plan is to walk. TO FINISH! To remind myself that I love fitness, healing, and the trails of South Marquette.

I think it is the bravest thing I have ever done. To stop running and just walk. At first I thought I had lost my mind. But I am getting used to my decision.

I am doing the 5k. It is a trail race. It is my first time in this event so the good news is I will PR this race even walking LOL!

Here is the race info:

Saturday June 5, 2010: Twin Peaks Run Marquette, MI (Noquemanon Trail Network Trailhead on M-553)
5K, 10 miles
Noon Eastern
Fees: $10 for 5K, $25 for 10-miles
Contact: Michael Sauer (920) 475-6643,

For more info on Upper Peninsula Races:

Upper Peninsula Road Runners Club

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