Blueberry Trails Forever

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It is kinda like Strawberry Fields Forever, but its Blueberries Baby! And they are everywhere, plump and plentiful due to all the rains we have had this summer. I have never seen the jackpine forest this green. Normally, I would not even think of running the Blueberry Ridge Pathways just off 553 in Marquette County because, in summer, I think of them as hot and dusty. This year they are lush and dotted with mushrooms and blueberries.

I’ve been running the lighted-loop at Blueberry which is 1.7 miles. Two times around is a little over 5k. I’m hoping to up my mileage starting this week by doing one lighted-loop and the Wolverine-loop for a total of 4.4 miles.

My time per mile is still higher than last year when I ran 10 minute miles and on a good day 9:50. As I heal from injury and from Celiac Disease related complications, I’m running slower in the 12 minute range. Hey 🙂 I’m still on my feet and feeling blessed.

I have 5-weeks until my next race a 10K which is all uphill at Tahquamenon Falls, Paradise Michigan. The race is part of the Great Lakes Endurance series.

The joy is my after-run fuel is blueberries, picked fresh. I have tucked a small bowl in the car. I finish my run and towel off, grab the bowl and do stretches and gobble some blueberries. Life is good!

  1. Cindi
    July 12, 2010 at 9:31 am

    Seems like they are early this year! I hope there are still some around when I come!! They look great.

  1. July 13, 2010 at 11:33 am

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