Can I Recover?

Self Portrait: Pensive Kim

 Most of the races and goals I set for myself this year were not obtainable during my recovery from Celiac Disease. It became clear as I moved from Winter to Spring and Spring to Summer that I had intestinal healing and weary muscles and tendons that left the viscera of my body shocky and spasmy. Impact was not a friend. It left me unable to run. 

My nutritional levels were off. My vitamin D level 18 and my blood serum level of iron (ferritn) is 9. Lucky me, my body is now responding to supplementation with D3 and I have hit 60! I have faith my iron will increase, too. 

(A good article on Vitamin D insufficiency)

I still have bad days and I often question, can I recover? I hurt today. Here I am at the tree. I hurt. I had hiked and tried a walk/jog and 25 minutes in my body, still, was not warm. 

Lake Superior: Bye Bye Mental Demons

 I reminded myself that most of recovery is mental. That I have to retrain my body to trust the stresses I need to put upon it as a runner. That I know when I am injured. I promised my body I would not injure it. Just let me push through, and then, as I hit the big lake my body wanted to run. I had warmed. Nothing hurt. I was running. 

Is there Danger: Running on the Edge

 Of course the danger with a bit of runner high, and a warm body is what lies underneath might be some hurt. I thought, I can run forever today (now). But I reigned myself in, and slowed it down a bit. 

Bench in the Distance: Not for Me

 But the bench is not for me. I crave movement. I love the feel of digging uphill, running around roots, hitting rocky tops. I love the runner high. I love my new body now 60 pounds lighter. I weigh in these days not at 204, but at 143. 

I cooled down slow, very slow. I was afraid again. I did not know what the rest of my day would hold. Would I hurt? Spasm? Would it take countless PT sessions and massages? How long would I need to rest before I could be on the trail, again? 

Can I recover? 

I think I can. 

Today’s run was on Presque Isle where I worked out on both the inner and outer trails. The whole workout was 1 hour 5 minutes with warm-up and cooldown. It was a hike/jog ending with a run.

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