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Marquette Trail Running–Forestville

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Some people might be nervous to trail run alone. Some people might want some camaraderie while running. Some wish for a low-key event to keep their training on track. I love to discover new trails and I have been participating in Marquette Trail Running a free group that meets for Thursday evening runs on various trail locations in the Marquette, Michigan area.

This was my first ever prediction run. The course was going to be more technical than I’m used to and at a distance of 4.5 miles I was not certain how it would go. But it was a cool evening and I do better in the cool air so I was ambitious with a prediction of 60 minutes. No music! No watch!

I liked not having my watch and music–I wasn’t planning on that. But my head just joined the trail and I felt very connected. I took a digger about 3/4 of the way thru. And I had a foot fall near an animal’s den and it hissed. But I was past the creature in a flash.

My finish was almost 5-minutes over my predicted time. But it was my strongest run in over a month. I am recovering from a bout of CD related distress. My core felt strong. I was ecstatic!

The organization is looking for prizes and donations to help encourage runners.

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