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Had to push myself today…

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Today I had to pry my azz off the couch and away from the laptop. I told myself you can download two new songs for the playlist. You can have blueberries from the produce store if you run for an hour. You can _________ (fill in the blank). Oh today was sucking big time–I’ve never had to fight with myself to get out on a run. By the time I left the house it was 85 degrees! And I left the house with destination unknown. I finally decided to run Presque Isle in Marquette. I can park my car near the bathrooms and if I decide to bail half-way thru (I almost never bail), I can cut my run short as I am running loops around the island. This area offers me variety of road, trail, inner and outer loops and many things to look at like the slackliners, longboarders, and kayakers.

I called Mike as I parked letting him know the location I decided to run and how long I expected to run. There are some dangerous areas of erosion on the island and I like running on the edge of things. I had a long warm-up of 15 minutes. Ran for an hour. Cool down another 15 minute walk. I did QiGong and Yoga on the rock wall of the old Shiras Zoo.

Oh and I had a much better attitude by the time I got home.

Best part of the day hands-down was chilling on Sylvia’s Deck after taking photos in her garden.

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