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Marquette Trail Running Series–Race 3

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This was the third run in the Marquette Trail Running series and I came in about where I expected (last, kinda) with a time of 1:05.11 on a 4.9 course complete with rocks, hills, roots, and sharp turns. You had to keep your eyes out for the red flags and pink tape, some people were in runner daydream-land and became a bit misdirected. I did well at staying with the course. I had never been on the trails that made up the course. The course was fun, beautiful and challenging. I started the run slow, labored breathing with the humidity, but once my breathing became fluid I did much better. But 6pm runs are hard on me. I just don’t seem to have the legs I need for the consistency I want. Suggestions?

In the raffle, I won some great swag! A Nathan Hydration Quickdraw Plus. I will write a review after I take it out for a run.

The photos are not as clear as my norm, my camera was a little wet and I was more rushed trying for a good time on the run. They appear in no particular order. I hope they give you an idea of what the run was like.


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