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Big Brothers, Big Sisters 10K

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Big Brothers Big Sisters Pioneer Days Run/Walk
Saturday, July 9, 2011: Heritage Trail, Negaunee Mi.

•Distance: 10K
•Age group: 3th
•Overall: 44
•Time: 1:16:15
•Per K: 7:38

This was my first time competing on the Big Brothers, Big Sisters 10K race. I loved the location and the varying trail set-up. But, I was not a fan of how the trail was marked. The first time I got off trail was with 4 other women. We were at the back of the pack, perhaps there was someone standing at this tricky intersection early on? We ended up taking a turn that crossed the path (the turn meant for the return trip). We turned it around and probably lost 3 minutes. Then I got off track a second time loosing approximately 1 1/2 minutes–same general intersection. Needless to say, I was disappointed but it happens. There was also no water at the aid station! I was parched. Then at the race end there was no water and no fruit left!! I have never had this happen to me. I gave it all in the race. Where I will run the race again, as it is a good cause, I’ll be sharing feedback. Next year I’ll be prepared, just in case.

I had not run 6 miles yet this season. I’ve not run 6 miles since 2009, prior to my diagnosis. This was a triumph for me. I cannot explain how blessed I feel to have finished the race. And I belive participating in the Marquette Trail Running Series helped prep me for this race. Most of the trail runs were more technical. So, on this course of uphills, asphalt, snowmobile trails and road I finished strong!

If you run with an auto-immune disorder or Celiac Disease what do you use for post-race recovery?

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