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Against the Wind

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Started my new Physical Therapy today and was sent out to the trails with taping strategies for my ongoing issues. There is a race this weekend a 10K trail run at Tahquamenon Falls and I’ve been resting my hip, IT Band and knee. Today I was evaluated and we worked on Vastus Medialis strength and then a bit on the treadmill. I was taped up and told to test it out. I headed to the Marquette Fit Strip and 10 minutes into a successful run–WIPE OUT! I hit a rock with the toes on my right foot and I went sailing, hit the ground and slid. I banged up my left side and my right (already involved knee). Fun, eh? I shook it off, walked 2 minutes and ran another 5 minutes. I feel okay-ish but raw on the left side. On top of it all I still get to work 8 hours today.

Don’t be a distracted trail runner no matter how green the forest looks watch for rocks and roots 🙂

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