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YMCA Strong Kids Race 2012

YMCA Strong Kids race 2012, my third year in this event.  I did not prepare well for this race. Healing from injury, I’d been avoiding impact by primarily hiking. I did not expect to be anywhere close to last year’s pace.

I was happy to finish the race and see some friends. Good memories were made last summer and I met many new friends on the trails. I saw many of them at today’s race.

I woke to a heavy frost and brilliant sunrise, the temperature was 26 degrees as I left for the YMCA. I had the race start time wrong and had time to visit with Matt at the front desk and watch the set-up. I even had an orange pre-race.

The kids have the 1-mile fun run before the adults do their 5k, 10k, and 10 mile events. A wide range of ages, some very eager and other quite shy. It was exciting to cheer them on.

I did some warm-up stretches and a bit of yoga and qigong to loosen up prior to my event. I tried to leave my ego at home. I was going to walk 1/2 of the course, heading out to the turn around at a race-walk–that was my plan–jog the return.

I did not stick to the plan! I still competed with a walk/jog and I discovered that by not preparing my mileage for this race, I was winded. But that might have been a good thing, being a little short of breath kept me at a slower pace. Healing from injury means going slow is a good thing.

The important thing is I did finish. I received a 15 minute massage after the race. It made me aware of a little hip burisitis. I iced at home. Later in the afternoon, I went hiking with Mike and my left knee was sore. Bt I am overall, hopeful.

Judy Sarosik took this photo of me crossing the finish line. Looks like I was feeling pretty good. I finished with a time of 35:56. I am still awaiting the official times to be posted.

I thank Erik Winkelmann for the nifty tee-shirt, and for his help in my healing.

Official results can be viewed here!

Age group: 40-49

Placement: 13 out of 16

Overall placeement: 112 out of 149

Time: 35:56:35

Mile: 11:35 minute average

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