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An Odd Spring–Hopes Cast on Winds

March 27, 2012 1 comment

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Today was my last day of Physical Therapy. I needed more. But I am switching jobs and losing my insurance. This change is a good change–ironic–but good. I now have to be solely responsible for my own progress.

I headed to the short trail run that normally starts my spring season. A loop around Presque Isle in Marquette normally leads to two laps…and so on. Today I walked slowly with my camera in gale force winds. That trail looked as rough as my winter training–many downed trees.

I’ve a long road ahead of me.

It started with a knee injury, IT-band pain and hip-bursitis from over-running and taking on trails above my skill level.

An up-slip of my hip, a possible ruptured disk and so on…led to a long winter.

I did some gait retraining.

On a good day I can run a mile. On a bad day I can walk a mile.

Here’s the kicker. I am registered for the Grand Island 1/2 marathon in July.

I am the turtle.

The race I wish to win is recovery and finishing the 1/2 in July.


Healing Travels

June 30, 2010 Leave a comment

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(Photos of Kim Nixon were taken by Mike Hainstock)

These photos wee taken near Scott Falls during our travels to Autrain. I spent the weekend on camera hikes and doing yoga spontaneously on rocks, beaches, and observation decks. The rock I am standing on (slideshow  above) is near A Face in the Rock.

Been Trippin’

June 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Brooks Cascadian Trail Soes and Smartwool Socks–
On the Observation Tower Overlooking Autrain Lake.

My Bike!

June 7, 2010 Leave a comment

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Today I picked My Bike up from Lakeshore Bike in Marquette. They put on a new chain and tuned her up. They aired my tires and tightened the hub. She rides like a dream. Okay, so it’s not a $2000 bike. Or a bike that some awesome athlete uses in training for triathlons. And, yes,  she has bumper stickers–I’ve no excuses for that except I am different. And its got a ringy-ringy bell with a dragonfly painted on it. She’s perfect for getting around town, cross-training, and riding out to Presque Isle with my Magic Man Mike.

I bought that ringy-ringy bell in a little artsy-farsty store in Ludington when I was there for a writer’s conference.

I bought the bike the year I met Mike.

It is 6 years later, I am 65 pounds lighter, and I can run 5k races (soon, I’ll be healed and running even further).

Life is pretty sweet!

…not like a rocker chick, but

April 11, 2010 Leave a comment

My first run after having a cyst drained between my Great and Index toes went well. I had rested this week and cross-trained. swimming on Tuesday and then I went to Yoga on Wednesday and Saturday. But I could not leave it at that the weather was just too nice so on Saturday Mike and I grabbed cameras and we headed out to Harlow Lake and hiked around for around 2 hours. My socks were too thick, my shoes too tight and it left me worried for today’s run. But it was a fun time at Harlow Lake and feel free to check out some “Self-Involved” photos at my Flickr account. I had fun with a painted rock.

The run today? Okay so it went a little like this 1k warm-up (untimed) steady walk–run started at 2K (Noque) marker and my turnaround point was 6k marker (32:00)–The idea was to slow it down to a hike, but I jogged a tad and gawked at scenery and played with “Henry” a little black dog who wanted to visit with me and I went off trail, all o…n my way back to 3k marker (36:00).


The right oblique and front hip area of my body was definitely stiff and had a lactic acid build up. But the hip and foot pain was greatly improved. I did what my nutritionist and I strategized for post-run recovery and no intestinal distress and I topped the afternoon off with a short nap. So far all is well.

I was very happy with the greening world. The clumps of moss and the light filtering thru the forest. The heat of the day was bringing up that woodsy smell in a red pine forest that makes my senses swing nad Daisy May on the iPod (shuffle, the itsy bitsy one) had my heart light and happy.

I have to say…even though I promised to be Folksy I had been a rocker chick running uphill on the Noque to Coldplay, testing the body and pushing to my limits.

Yoga Lessons

April 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Upon the Sand at Lil' Presque, Marquette Michigan

Yoga Lesson: Breathe into the space around yourself and expand. Like the mist, drift and expand. Like the water upon the sand, let the sun heat and expand. Become part of the cycle like water. Flow.

1st Day of Spring

March 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Photographer: Mike Hainstock

Mike Hainstock captures photo of Kim Nixon as she sits on the riverbank shooting photos of the falls on the Dead River near the Tourist Park in Marquette, Michigan.