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YMCA Strong Kids Race 2012

May 1, 2012 1 comment

YMCA Strong Kids race 2012, my third year in this event.  I did not prepare well for this race. Healing from injury, I’d been avoiding impact by primarily hiking. I did not expect to be anywhere close to last year’s pace.

I was happy to finish the race and see some friends. Good memories were made last summer and I met many new friends on the trails. I saw many of them at today’s race.

I woke to a heavy frost and brilliant sunrise, the temperature was 26 degrees as I left for the YMCA. I had the race start time wrong and had time to visit with Matt at the front desk and watch the set-up. I even had an orange pre-race.

The kids have the 1-mile fun run before the adults do their 5k, 10k, and 10 mile events. A wide range of ages, some very eager and other quite shy. It was exciting to cheer them on.

I did some warm-up stretches and a bit of yoga and qigong to loosen up prior to my event. I tried to leave my ego at home. I was going to walk 1/2 of the course, heading out to the turn around at a race-walk–that was my plan–jog the return.

I did not stick to the plan! I still competed with a walk/jog and I discovered that by not preparing my mileage for this race, I was winded. But that might have been a good thing, being a little short of breath kept me at a slower pace. Healing from injury means going slow is a good thing.

The important thing is I did finish. I received a 15 minute massage after the race. It made me aware of a little hip burisitis. I iced at home. Later in the afternoon, I went hiking with Mike and my left knee was sore. Bt I am overall, hopeful.

Judy Sarosik took this photo of me crossing the finish line. Looks like I was feeling pretty good. I finished with a time of 35:56. I am still awaiting the official times to be posted.

I thank Erik Winkelmann for the nifty tee-shirt, and for his help in my healing.

Official results can be viewed here!

Age group: 40-49

Placement: 13 out of 16

Overall placeement: 112 out of 149

Time: 35:56:35

Mile: 11:35 minute average


An Odd Spring–Hopes Cast on Winds

March 27, 2012 1 comment

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Today was my last day of Physical Therapy. I needed more. But I am switching jobs and losing my insurance. This change is a good change–ironic–but good. I now have to be solely responsible for my own progress.

I headed to the short trail run that normally starts my spring season. A loop around Presque Isle in Marquette normally leads to two laps…and so on. Today I walked slowly with my camera in gale force winds. That trail looked as rough as my winter training–many downed trees.

I’ve a long road ahead of me.

It started with a knee injury, IT-band pain and hip-bursitis from over-running and taking on trails above my skill level.

An up-slip of my hip, a possible ruptured disk and so on…led to a long winter.

I did some gait retraining.

On a good day I can run a mile. On a bad day I can walk a mile.

Here’s the kicker. I am registered for the Grand Island 1/2 marathon in July.

I am the turtle.

The race I wish to win is recovery and finishing the 1/2 in July.

Against the Wind

August 10, 2011 Leave a comment

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Started my new Physical Therapy today and was sent out to the trails with taping strategies for my ongoing issues. There is a race this weekend a 10K trail run at Tahquamenon Falls and I’ve been resting my hip, IT Band and knee. Today I was evaluated and we worked on Vastus Medialis strength and then a bit on the treadmill. I was taped up and told to test it out. I headed to the Marquette Fit Strip and 10 minutes into a successful run–WIPE OUT! I hit a rock with the toes on my right foot and I went sailing, hit the ground and slid. I banged up my left side and my right (already involved knee). Fun, eh? I shook it off, walked 2 minutes and ran another 5 minutes. I feel okay-ish but raw on the left side. On top of it all I still get to work 8 hours today.

Don’t be a distracted trail runner no matter how green the forest looks watch for rocks and roots 🙂

Meteorological Spring!

March 1, 2011 Leave a comment

The months of spring are upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, March, April and May. Today, in the Upper Peninsula we were blessed with sun, wind and 45-degree temperatures. I was so enticed by the promise of Spring (to come, this is the U.P. after all), that after working 8 hours on 4.5 hours of sleep I changed into running clothes and headed directly out to the bike path for a 3.7 mi. run from my home in South Marquette to McCarty’s Cove and back home.

I was met by strong winds and the most gorgeous blues. The sky was blue. The dreamy clouds were multiple shades of blue and white. Lake Superior was a myriad of different blues. Ice melting and cracking into sheets on the Big water. I had dry asphalt bike path, sidewalk, some slush and little patches of melting ice.

I realized, it is time for new shoes. My feet ached and sloshed around in shoes that have become too loose. I noticed that being off my nasal cortisone has brought back a little exercise induced asthma. But one of those miles was 11 minutes. That had me smiling. My body is healing and I’m getting stronger. Whatever triggered the Celiac Disease in 2009 and caused so many sensitivities and allergies was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. But, I am gaining back my immune system, my strength, my life.

I am setting a goal, April 23rd I am running the YMCA race here in Marquette, Michigan. Distance to be determined by my training over the next few weeks. Choices include 5k, 10k or 10 mile.

For more information about the YMCA run/walk, click here.

For more information on Meterorological Spring, click here.

Can I Recover?

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Self Portrait: Pensive Kim

 Most of the races and goals I set for myself this year were not obtainable during my recovery from Celiac Disease. It became clear as I moved from Winter to Spring and Spring to Summer that I had intestinal healing and weary muscles and tendons that left the viscera of my body shocky and spasmy. Impact was not a friend. It left me unable to run. 

My nutritional levels were off. My vitamin D level 18 and my blood serum level of iron (ferritn) is 9. Lucky me, my body is now responding to supplementation with D3 and I have hit 60! I have faith my iron will increase, too. 

(A good article on Vitamin D insufficiency)

I still have bad days and I often question, can I recover? I hurt today. Here I am at the tree. I hurt. I had hiked and tried a walk/jog and 25 minutes in my body, still, was not warm. 

Lake Superior: Bye Bye Mental Demons

 I reminded myself that most of recovery is mental. That I have to retrain my body to trust the stresses I need to put upon it as a runner. That I know when I am injured. I promised my body I would not injure it. Just let me push through, and then, as I hit the big lake my body wanted to run. I had warmed. Nothing hurt. I was running. 

Is there Danger: Running on the Edge

 Of course the danger with a bit of runner high, and a warm body is what lies underneath might be some hurt. I thought, I can run forever today (now). But I reigned myself in, and slowed it down a bit. 

Bench in the Distance: Not for Me

 But the bench is not for me. I crave movement. I love the feel of digging uphill, running around roots, hitting rocky tops. I love the runner high. I love my new body now 60 pounds lighter. I weigh in these days not at 204, but at 143. 

I cooled down slow, very slow. I was afraid again. I did not know what the rest of my day would hold. Would I hurt? Spasm? Would it take countless PT sessions and massages? How long would I need to rest before I could be on the trail, again? 

Can I recover? 

I think I can. 

Today’s run was on Presque Isle where I worked out on both the inner and outer trails. The whole workout was 1 hour 5 minutes with warm-up and cooldown. It was a hike/jog ending with a run.

Recovery–Being Kind to the Body

July 12, 2010 1 comment

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Recovery from Celiac Disease complications can mean dealing with considerable inflammation. Yesterday’s 5.4K run (and 1-hour gardening session) and today’s 5.7 mile bike needed a gentle relax component this afternoon. I headed out with camera to breathe in the mist on the breakwall. I often held my arms wide and just inhaled the sea air. I stretched side to side. I sat and took in the little bird chasing bugs. It was a good day.

My Bike!

June 7, 2010 Leave a comment

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Today I picked My Bike up from Lakeshore Bike in Marquette. They put on a new chain and tuned her up. They aired my tires and tightened the hub. She rides like a dream. Okay, so it’s not a $2000 bike. Or a bike that some awesome athlete uses in training for triathlons. And, yes,  she has bumper stickers–I’ve no excuses for that except I am different. And its got a ringy-ringy bell with a dragonfly painted on it. She’s perfect for getting around town, cross-training, and riding out to Presque Isle with my Magic Man Mike.

I bought that ringy-ringy bell in a little artsy-farsty store in Ludington when I was there for a writer’s conference.

I bought the bike the year I met Mike.

It is 6 years later, I am 65 pounds lighter, and I can run 5k races (soon, I’ll be healed and running even further).

Life is pretty sweet!