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An Odd Spring–Hopes Cast on Winds

March 27, 2012 1 comment

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Today was my last day of Physical Therapy. I needed more. But I am switching jobs and losing my insurance. This change is a good change–ironic–but good. I now have to be solely responsible for my own progress.

I headed to the short trail run that normally starts my spring season. A loop around Presque Isle in Marquette normally leads to two laps…and so on. Today I walked slowly with my camera in gale force winds. That trail looked as rough as my winter training–many downed trees.

I’ve a long road ahead of me.

It started with a knee injury, IT-band pain and hip-bursitis from over-running and taking on trails above my skill level.

An up-slip of my hip, a possible ruptured disk and so on…led to a long winter.

I did some gait retraining.

On a good day I can run a mile. On a bad day I can walk a mile.

Here’s the kicker. I am registered for the Grand Island 1/2 marathon in July.

I am the turtle.

The race I wish to win is recovery and finishing the 1/2 in July.


Trail Run–Little Presque to Wetmore Landing

August 27, 2011 Leave a comment

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Trail Run–Little Presque to Wetmore

The trail held a couple of surprises today!

Today, I attended Farmer’s Market and picked up veggies for the week. I had intended for today to be a rest day, physically. I had “land” physical therapy on Thursday and Friday I had a “pool.” Yesterday I had a migraine headache. Cooler day, slower Saturday good for nourishing the body. But the cooler temps enticed me o the trails. I chose a lakeside run on trail.

Parking at Little Song Bird just off County Road 550 allows me a slow warm-up as I head toward Little Presque parking lot. My knee was taped for stability and a quick walk informs my body where my knee “is” for the run. I decided a nice slow pace with stops for photos would be appropriate but I also wanted to challenge my status with this injury? Just how was my strengthening going? So I took the trail toward Wetmore which is complete with two staircases, and many roots.

The surprises. White Chairs along the side of the path. Musicians with instruments. A whole wedding!

We are blessed with this beautiful land, the Great Lake of Superior, and love!

Also, I’m blessed with a great physical therapy team that is helping my knee stability!

For more on this section of trail visit:

Harlow Lake Trail Run

August 4, 2011 Leave a comment

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The run tonight was awesome, considering I ran it while rehabbing an injury. Tonight’s run went better than my last, which ended with terrible pain. That run was a little over a week ao on the Marquette Fit Strip and I could not crank out two miles.

Tonight, I ran 3.4 miles tonight on trail. It was race #5 at Harlow Lake as part of the Marquette Trail Run series. Gosh it felt good! I had been Jonesing for endorphins. I even had goose bumps after the run. My time wasn’t so hot, though. And I happily took last place in the short course.

Until tonight, I was third in the point standings, not sure where tonight’s results will have me.

Tomorrow I meet with an Orthopedic Doctor. I am building a healing team. (Again.)

Kid at Heart

August 1, 2011 Leave a comment

"Kid at Heart" Photo by Mike Hainstock

Walked the beach tonight for knee therapy. Dragging feet thru the sand to stretch out foot, ankle, shin. Bury feet in sand and turn foot to10 o’clock and 2 o’clock to stretch up to knee. Run backward at beach edge. Run forward. Tai Chi on Rocks. Mike’s photo shows how my therapy works on my soul 🙂

I have an upslip of my SI joint that is causing ITBS and knee pain.

Today’s PT included traction, ultrasound and a “dex” patch on the knee.


Can I Recover?

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Self Portrait: Pensive Kim

 Most of the races and goals I set for myself this year were not obtainable during my recovery from Celiac Disease. It became clear as I moved from Winter to Spring and Spring to Summer that I had intestinal healing and weary muscles and tendons that left the viscera of my body shocky and spasmy. Impact was not a friend. It left me unable to run. 

My nutritional levels were off. My vitamin D level 18 and my blood serum level of iron (ferritn) is 9. Lucky me, my body is now responding to supplementation with D3 and I have hit 60! I have faith my iron will increase, too. 

(A good article on Vitamin D insufficiency)

I still have bad days and I often question, can I recover? I hurt today. Here I am at the tree. I hurt. I had hiked and tried a walk/jog and 25 minutes in my body, still, was not warm. 

Lake Superior: Bye Bye Mental Demons

 I reminded myself that most of recovery is mental. That I have to retrain my body to trust the stresses I need to put upon it as a runner. That I know when I am injured. I promised my body I would not injure it. Just let me push through, and then, as I hit the big lake my body wanted to run. I had warmed. Nothing hurt. I was running. 

Is there Danger: Running on the Edge

 Of course the danger with a bit of runner high, and a warm body is what lies underneath might be some hurt. I thought, I can run forever today (now). But I reigned myself in, and slowed it down a bit. 

Bench in the Distance: Not for Me

 But the bench is not for me. I crave movement. I love the feel of digging uphill, running around roots, hitting rocky tops. I love the runner high. I love my new body now 60 pounds lighter. I weigh in these days not at 204, but at 143. 

I cooled down slow, very slow. I was afraid again. I did not know what the rest of my day would hold. Would I hurt? Spasm? Would it take countless PT sessions and massages? How long would I need to rest before I could be on the trail, again? 

Can I recover? 

I think I can. 

Today’s run was on Presque Isle where I worked out on both the inner and outer trails. The whole workout was 1 hour 5 minutes with warm-up and cooldown. It was a hike/jog ending with a run.

Recovery–Being Kind to the Body

July 12, 2010 1 comment

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Recovery from Celiac Disease complications can mean dealing with considerable inflammation. Yesterday’s 5.4K run (and 1-hour gardening session) and today’s 5.7 mile bike needed a gentle relax component this afternoon. I headed out with camera to breathe in the mist on the breakwall. I often held my arms wide and just inhaled the sea air. I stretched side to side. I sat and took in the little bird chasing bugs. It was a good day.